Upcoming VR headsets in 2024

The VR headset market in 2024 is set to be vibrant and diverse, with several major players introducing new models that cater to a range of users, from high-end enthusiasts to the more budget-conscious.

Apple Vision Pro

  • Launch: Expected in 2024, with production in full swing for an early release.
  • Features: The Apple Vision Pro marks Apple’s entry into the VR/AR market. It is a mixed reality headset featuring dual micro-OLED displays offering over 4K resolution per eye and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. It’s powered by Apple’s M2 processor and a custom R1 chip.
  • Tracking and Interaction: The headset incorporates advanced hand and eye tracking capabilities, as well as real-time 3D mapping of the environment. Interaction with the device is a mix of hand and eye tracking, along with voice commands.
  • Design and Build: Designed to resemble slim ski goggles, it includes a specially designed headband and face mask for comfort.
  • Operating System: Runs on VisionOS.
  • Price: Positioned as a premium product, it is expected to cost around $3,499.

Meta’s New VR Headsets

  • Strategy: Meta, known for its Oculus Quest line, is planning to release multiple new VR headsets by 2024. This indicates their increasing investment in the XR (Extended Reality) field.
  • Variants: Although specifics are not confirmed, it’s likely that the new releases will cater to different market segments, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end models.

Quest 3 Lite

  • Concept: Rumored to be a more affordable variant of the Quest 3.
  • Features: Expected to be similar to the Quest 3 but with cost-saving adjustments like less expensive components. It might be released without a VR controller.
  • Price and Options: Speculated to be available in various storage options, with a starting price point significantly lower than its predecessor, aiming to make VR more accessible to a wider audience.

Samsung and Google’s Collaboration

  • Project: Samsung and Google are collaborating on a mixed reality headset, expected to be unveiled in late 2024.
  • Contribution: Samsung is responsible for design and manufacturing, Google for operating system and software development, and Qualcomm for the chipset.
  • Display Technology: Samsung Display will provide the OLED microdisplay.
  • Code Name and Availability: The project, code-named “Infinite”, is expected to have a limited first production run.

Other Developments

  • Pico 4: ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, plans to release an improved version of the Pico 4 VR headset. However, details about this headset are scarce.

2024 in the VR industry appears to be a year of significant developments, with established tech giants like Apple and Meta expanding their offerings, and new collaborations like that of Samsung and Google entering the market. This diverse range of products, from high-end to more affordable options, could lead to increased adoption of VR technology and spur further innovation in the field.